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Oceanwide Seafood Bar and Grill

Oceanwide Seafood Bar and Grill is now a fresh seafood market and restaurant. Since the summer of 2013, co-owners Rebecca & James Fountain have been selling fresh seafood with hopes of opening a restaurant behind the market.

Their dreams were realized July 3 when, with the help of partnerDan Chatman, they opened the Oceanwide Bar & Grill, which offers a casual, family atmosphere with aquarium, wide-screen TVs and a top-notch interior.


Margarita’s Mexican Restaurant

Margarita’s Mexican Restaurant

opened in February 2014. Owners Fabrizzio and Luis Pumaqualle also operate locations in Amherst and Appomattox.

Gibran is the bartender and restaurant manager of Margarita’s, which is open seven days weekly and features a 10 page menu of popular Mexican dishes and a children’s menu.

Live music is featured on some weekends.


U.S. Route 29 behind the Nelson County Library in Lovingston

Who Are The Masons?

Masonry or Freemasonry is the oldest and largest Fraternal Organization in the world.   Written records referring to the Fraternal Order date back to the year 1390 AD.   A roster of its members is a study of American history.  Its membership contains 14 presidents, numerous congressmen, governors, state legislators, military leaders, astronauts, writers, musicians, artist and local community leaders.

Masons are also neighbors, friends and relatives here in Nelson County, sharing Fellowship and Community Service.

Some History

The Grand Lodge off Virginia originally chartered Fleetwood Harmony Lodge of Nelson County, Virginia
on December 15th 1812 by the designation of the Rockfish Harmony Lodge #92.  In the Grand Lodge on December 9th, 1845 it was resolved that the above Lodge be revived and removed to Fleetwood, Nelson County by the name, Fleetwood Harmony #92.  It was located in the “town” of Jonesborough, Nelson County, Virginia.

In 2003, Brother Palmer Tunstall donated a very nice parcel of land just behind the Nelson County Library
in Lovingston.  A building committee was formed, designs were made, money was raised, permits were
approved, and countless volunteers GAVE.  Brothers, Wives, Family Members, Neighbors, Friends and
Strangers gave their time, money, materials, space, equipment, tools, food, drinks and knowledge, and
together, as brothers, with help from the community, a new Lodge was built.

What Is Their Mission?

Masons are good men trying to improve their lives through Fellowship, Faith, Hope, and Charity.   They help their communities, fellowman, family and country.

What Are Some Things They Do?

Their most well known service in Nelson County is in connection with the Virginia Child Identification Program; VA CHIP.   This program is a comprehensive child identification and protection tool designed to give families a measure of protection against the ever increasing problem of missing children.  Not only are children included, but also teenagers, adults and senior citizens in the event that they should go missing. Because EVERY ONE IS SOMEONES CHILD. This program is provided “free of charge” to every Virginia family who wishes to participate.

The Virginia Freemasons schedule and bring this fine program to communities throughout Virginia. VACHIP is a part of the International Masonichip network sponsored by the Conference of Grand Masters of Masons in North America. All identifying items generated at VACHIP Events are placed in a pack and given to the parent or guardian to take home for safe keeping. If their child becomes missing, the pack can then be provided to law enforcement to aid in recovery and identification. The Virginia Freemasons keep nothing but the permission form signed by the parent prior to participation in the event.

Lodge Officers

Worshipfull Master R.W. James. Allen Kidd

Senior Warden R.W. Jeffrey F. Goff

Junior Warden Wor. Eddie Ragland

Senior Deacon Bro. Kenneth K. Burnley, Sr.

Junior Deacon Bro. Ronald E. LeNeave

Chaplain R.W. Ray Ashley

Secretary Wor. Jonathan Giles

Treasurer R.W. Tom Conner

Tiler Wor. Roger L. Huffman

Senior Stewart Wor. Rodger E. Ashley

Junior Stewart Bro. People J. Spencer

For More Information

For more information about the Lodge, Visiting, Joining Fleetwood Harmony, or Freemasonry in General, visit www.FleetwoodHarmony.org

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