More Coming to Schuyler: Earl’s Meadow is Developing

Down an unmarked road that meanders along the Rockfish River, in the small hamlet of Schuyler, gentle green hills that surround The Waltons Hamner House will soon be transformed into a mecca for generations of Waltons fans.

Earl’s Meadow already features The Waltons Hamner House, beloved boyhood home of Earl.  Soon, just next door to this well-built 1915 company house that lovingly sheltered the Hamner family, a new bed and breakfast inn will be built, appropriately known as Livvy’s B&B. This five bedroom bed and breakfast inn will be a replica of the Waltons television show house and will be a hallmark for every Waltons fan who steps across the threshold. Carefully furnished with replicas from the Waltons set, fans can see many items favored by set designers who furnished each room to exact detail, remembered by the original Storyteller, Earl Hamner, Jr.

Along a brick pathway that winds through Earl’s Meadow, the Heritage Path is a combination of many peoples’ heritage, all those who have graciously purchased either a 4×8 or 8×8 brick paver in honor or memory of a loved one. These bricks will become a permanent foundation of the Heritage Path of Earl’s Meadow.

‘‘I have walked the land in the footsteps of all my fathers. I saw yesterday and now look to tomorrow.’’

While walking in the footsteps of all of our fathers, mothers and loved ones, guests will discover the Will Geer Botanical Garden, a peaceful respite dedicated to the jovial spirit and ‘gusto’ of Will Geer, and his embodiment of Grandpa Walton.

From here, guests can view the magnificent bronze statue of Earl Hamner, Jr. Earl would be very humbled to know of his statue on this hallowed ground known as Earl’s Meadow, but it befits the giant of a man and Southern gentleman who gifted the world with the talent of being a Storyteller.

Brick Pavers Available

Guests will have a once in a lifetime opportunity to purchase a 4×8 or 8×8 brick paver that will become part of the Heritage Path, the foundation path winding through Earl’s Meadow. This is a beautiful way to not only remember a loved one, but to contribute to the foundation of the Heritage Path in Earl’s Meadow and become a part of history in Schuyler. For more information, call (434) 831-2017.


  1. Rachel Broadway says:

    Hi we are traveling from London in October to visit you! Yay! This will be our first time in America and sooo excited! Will Livvy’s B&B be open by then? And if so could we please book In ?
    Imy brothers and sister was brought up with the Waltons and they definitely have a place our my heart!
    Thanks for everything xx

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